Usage for PVC Pipe, PVC Window Profile, PVC Panel, PVC Window Sills, PVC Edge, WPC Panel, SPC Floor and other kinds of Rigid Plastic product. It is a kind of impact modifier and can form a network composition inside of the rigid PVC products and give them good normal low -temperature flexibility and high impact strength.
Features of :
1. Good anti-aging property and excellent weather-ability.
2. Good low temperature flexibility under -20 degree.
3. Excellent endurance to chemicals.
4. Good processing ability. It is easy to be shaped.
5. Extremely safe for operation
6. Excellent producing stability.


It can promote plasticization and improve the fluidity of PVC. It can obviously reduce the surface sediment caused by various kinds of added ingredients, and thus enhance productivity. It is especially suitable for PVC rigid products processing. Besides, it can promote the gelatinization of PVC resin, increase melt strength, improve processing property, enhance the mechanical properties, excellent dimensional stability and improve the surface quality.
1. Enhance melt strength
2. Improve raw materials following properity
3. Improve the product surface
4. Excellent of Product hardness
5. Improves tear strength in flexible PVC applications


Calcium stearate is widely applied in food, medicine, cosmetic, plastic, rubber fields, mainly function as lubricant, emulsifier, stabilizer, releasing agent, accelerant etc. It can boost the freezing rate in hard plastic product. Also it is applied in the non-toxic soft film, such as food packing and medicine apparatus, can effectively improve film’s stability. It is stabilizer & lubricant in PVC and PE.


CMT-P6 is an injection molding grade PVC Compound avaliable in pellet form, CMT-P6 provide good impact performance suitable for rigid pipes fittings, electrical sockets and couplings.
CMT-P6 was designed with high quality with economic formula which help clients SAVE producing cost with good quality got. It is include all pipe fittings raw materials, not need added any other raw materials when do injection process.


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5. Running Machine
6. Quality Problem Solve

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Our factory founded in 1999, only produce PVC Additives, suit for PVC Rigid or Soft product, WPC Panel, SPC Floor, etc. Established END - END Cooperate.

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JIUZ GROUP established in 1999, Professional manufacturer of PVC plastic additives. Through relentless innovation, we steadily move up the value chain expanding both the depth and breadth of our services.

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