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Who we are

Established in 1999, JIUZ GROUP is a professional PVC plastic additive-based items manufacturing and export company which as PVC Additives under Quality Production. Through relentless innovation, we steadily move up the value chain expanding both the depth and breadth of our services.

Today, JIUZ GROUP becomes a total technical service provider and PVC Additive-based products manufacturer. We now operate three manufacturing bases in Zaoqiang and Hengshui, China, covered an aggregate production floor area of 615,000 square meters with advanced equipment and a skilled workforce of over 600 people. Our steady growth is reflected in our ever-expanding product include Impact Modifier CPE135A, PVC Processing Aid ACR, Lead base Compound Stabilizer, Ca-Zn Compound Stabilizer, Calcium Stearate, Zinc Stearate, Magnesium stearate, PE Wax, OPE Wax, FT Wax.

JIUZ GROUP has a reputation for innovation, quality and reliability when it comes to developing, manufacturing and marketing a broad range of specialty chemicals. Our fully skilled R&D specialists and application engineers have an outstanding track record for combining experience with leading-edge science to design and develop tailor-made solutions to meet specific needs of customers around the world. Our ISO 9001:2000 accredited production and quality control facilities ensure high and consistent quality of products.

Our Producing Capability:

PVC Impact Modifier CPE135A (yearly 80,000 tons)
PVC Heat Stabilizer (yearly 23,000 tons)
PVC Processing aid ACR (yearly 15,000 tons)
Metalic Soap Lubricant (yearly 16,000 tons )
Lubricant Wax (yearly 20,000 tons)

Historical process

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