What is CPE135A Chlorinated Polyethylene ?

pvc impact modifier cpe135A used for pvc plastic product

  • 2017-8-2 9:47:48
  • PVC Impact Modifier CPE135A,chlorinated polyethylene 135A
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we take pleasure to introduce ourselves as a factory of impact modifiers - cpe 135A - chlorinated polyethylene 135A - china with yearly producing capability 80,000 tons. 

cpe 135A(chlorinated polyethylene) is main product which is a kind of white solid powder by low voltage high density polyethylene. It is the main pvc impact modifier with double performance of the plastic and rubber. This product has good weatherability, oil resistance, ozone resistance, flame resistance and good histocompatibility with varied plastics and rubber. It can effectively improve toughness and impact resistance and anti-aging of rigid pvc products, to increase the melting point of pvc. High purity, high degree of whiteness & brightness, controlled particle size distribution gives physiochemical properties. We are already supplying to leading plastic, cpvc, and rubber industries.

Featuresof  CPE135A Impact Modifier: 

1) good anti-aging property and excellent weatherability. It could be used under harsh climate and environment. And it is fully resistant to ozone. 

2)good anti-combustion, no self ignition. 

3)good low temperature flexibility. It could remain flexible under -20 degree. It may be used as impact modifier in upvc product. 

4)excellent endurances to chemicals. It is inert to many chemical reagents and corrosion resistant to various acids and alkalis. 

5)good processing ability. It is easy to be shaped. 

6)extremely safe for operation. Cpe is harmless to human body and the environment. 

7)excellent stability. 


excellent performance as a result of the above cpe is widely used in pvc plastic profile, sheet, pipe, pipe fittings, waterproof material, wire and cable jacket, seals, pvc plastic such as the extrusion of laminated rubber. 


plastic additives, profile, sheet, pipe, waterproof rolls, extrusion board, etc. 

Packing: pp woven bag. 25 kgsnet wt or as client request.