CA-ZN Stabilizer for Plastic Foamed Board


CMT-500 is environmentally friendly, non-toxicand non-heavy metal Ca-Zn base Stabilizer, Its excellent initial coloringperformance, good lubricity and weather resistance which improving the outdooruse effect of the product, the special coupling effect also makes the mixingmaterials uniform plasticization and enhancing melt strength , promote foamingholes uniform, smooth surface, stable color and reduce production cost.






White Powder

Metal Oxide Content, %


Initial melting point, ,


Heating Loss, %



Package and storage:

25kg/bag by plastic bag, 12MT/20FCL Container

It is should be stored in a cool, dry andventilated place, suggest finish use it within one year.



1. Foamingstable, reduce product density, control the producing cost.

2. Gooddispersion performance,Promote wrapping with resin, reduce mechanical wear andExtend equipment life.

3. Good coloring at the beginning, improveproduct color brilliance and firmness.
4. Excellent weather ability.
5. Good lubrication balance and fuction during processing.
6. Excellent melting and plasticizing with PVC, enhance the melt strength.
7. Good uniform plastification and high speed mobility, enhance the productphysical and mechanical properties.


Reference Dosage:

4.0 - 5.0 kg per 100kg PVC Resin



Suitfor Rigid plastic foaming profile, board, sheet and etc.