CA-ZN Stabilizer for Plastic Window Profile


CMT-520 is environmentally friendly, non-toxicand non-heavy metal Ca-Zan Stabilizer, Its excellent initial coloringperformance, excellent calcium and zinc stability, rich self-lubricity and goodresistance to vulcanization can improve the product outdoor use effect;moreover, its dispersibility and the anti-deposition property are good forimprove the product color brightness and firmness. Futuremore, Specialcoupling, uniform plasticization and high-speed melt flow, improved extrusionspeed, enhanced melt strength, weldability and impact strength.






White Powder

Metal Oxide Content, %


Initial melting point, ,


Heating Loss, %



Package and storage:

25kg/bag by plastic bag, 12MT/20FCL Container

It is should be stored in a cool, dry andventilated place, suggest finish use it within one year.



1. Initialcoloring excellent performance

2. Goodstability in the later period

3. GoodPlasticzation and super fluidity                  

4. Lowproduction electric current

5. Improveextruding speed, melt strength, welding performance and impact strength


Reference Dosage:

4.0 - 4.5 kg per 100kg PVC Resin


Materials mixing part

Hot Mixing temperature: 110 - 120

Cold Mixing temperature: 40 - 45