PVC Foaming Regulator CMT-185

Brief Introduce:

PVC foaming Modifier is made from acrylatemonomer through multi-step emulsion polymerization process. Its main feature ishigh melt strength and good plasticizing performance for improving rigid PVCfoaming. The uniformity of the cells of the product promotes plasticization andmelting of the PVC resin. It has a good effect in improving the appearancequality of the product, and is suitable for various types of foamed products.When used in processing aids, due to its high melt strength, fast plasticizingperformance, it can greatly improve the melt strength, giving the product abetter surface finish or increasing the amount of filler under the same strip.The product is white flowing powder type,  it can be dissolved in keteneand chloroform, but not in water and alcohol.







White flowing powder


Sieve Residue(30 mesh),%


GB/T 1636-2008

Intrinsic Viscosity[η]25℃


GB/T 16321.1:2008

Bulk Density,g/cm³ ≥


GB/T 1636-2008

Volatile Content,%≤


ASTM D5668


1. Improvethe product surface property

2. HighMelting Strength

3. Improvethe materials Plasticizing performance

4. Improvecell uniformity of rigid PVC foamed products

5. Excellentfollowing property

6. Suitfor all Rigid foaming Product


Wood-PlasticComposites(WPC product), rigid PVC foamed board,foaming pipe,

foamingwindow and Fitting,etc.

Package and safety:

Non toxic product. 25kgby plastic bag, lined with PE Bag.

Keep in  dryand ventilated warehouse, valid period is two years. After passing the warrantyperiod, it can still be used after passing the inspection.