Chlorinated Polyethylene CPE135A

CPE135A used for PVC/WPC and SPC Rigid Plastic products

HS CODE: 39019090

Produce description:

Chlorinated polyethyleneCPEis a high molecularelastomeric material that is chlorinated by HDPE. It is white powder andinnocuous. It has excellent anti-flaming, weather-ability, lower-temperatureflexibility and impact strength, etc. It can be blended with other plastics,mainly used as PVC impact modifier. 


This product has excellent comprehensivephysical properties, and has a good compatibility with PVC. Under the correctprocessing conditions, a three-dimensional network structure can be formed inthe hard PVC products. Thereby giving the product excellent impact resistanceat normal and low temperature.

1) Good anti-agingproperty and excellent weather-ability. It could be used under harsh climateand environment. And it is fully resistant to ozone. 
2) Good anti-combustion, no self ignition. 
3) Good low temperature flexibility. It could remain flexible under -20 degree.It may be used as impact modifier in UPVC product. 
4) Excellent endurances to chemicals. It is inert to many chemical reagents andcorrosion resistant to various acids and alkalis. 
5) Good processing ability. It is easy to be shaped. 
6) Extremely safe for operation. CPE is harmless to human body and theenvironment. 
7) Excellent stability. 






White Powder

White Powder

Chlorine content (%)



Hot melt(J/g)



Volatile matter (%)



Sieve residue(0.8mm)



Apparent density(g/ml )



Number of impurity particles(/100g)



Tensile strength(Mpa)



Elongation at break (%)



Shore A hardness(A)




WPC Panel, PVCWindow Profile, PVC Pipe, PVC Fitting, PVC Door, PVC Foaming Sheet, PVC Edge,PVC Panel, PVC Window Sills, etc.

Recommend Using Dosage:

Normally Added 8-12 phr in formula, butit is should be to do adjust according to different product usage qualityrequest and machine.

Package andsafety:

Non toxic product. 25kand 650kg by plastic weaved bag.

Keep in  dryand ventilated warehouse, valid period is 1 years.

Container LoadingInfo:

20ftcontainer:16-18MT without pallet, 14MT - 16mt with pallet

40ft container: 26MTwithout pallet, 24MT with pallet


Better send us 500gsample do to test, then we will offer you same stable quality with good price.