Lubricant Processing Aid ACR CMT-175

CMT-175 Lubricant Processing Aid is a plasticadditive with unique lubrication function. CMT-175 has low molecular weight andmelt viscosity. It can effectively avoid adhesion between PVC melt and metalinner surface due to its excellent metal release property so as to improve thesurface glossiness and without any effects on the mechanical properties to PVCfinished products. In addition, CMT-175 also can improve the processing flowperformance, extension of production time and increase the producingcapability.




Equivalent Grade


White flowing powder


Sieve Residue 0.45mm(40 mesh)

 ≥98 % passing

Volatiles Content (%)


Intrinsic Viscosity (η)


Bulk Density(g/cm3)




1. Goodlubricant property

2. Superiormetal release and no plate out

3. Lowdust and good fluidity

4. Lowerdosage, higher efficiency and reducing out of grade products

5. Greatlyimprove the surface glossiness of PVC finished products


CMT-175is widely used for produce all kind of PVC product, like PVC Profile, PVCFoaming products, WPC, PVC Film, PVC Sheet, extrusion PVC Pipe, InjectionPipe-fitting and etc.

Package and safety:

Non toxic product. 25kgby plastic bag.

Keep in  dryand ventilated warehouse, valid period is two years, can be still used ifqualified by inspection after valid period..

Recommend Using Dosage:

0.5-2.5kg per 100kgpvc resin, but it is should be to do adjust according to your request productand machine.

Container Loading Info:

20ft container: 10MT with pallet, 12MT withoutpallet.

40ft container: 20MT with pallet, 24MT withoutpallet.