Processing Aid ACR

Processing Aid ACR

It can promote plasticization and improve thefluidity of PVC. It can obviously reduce the surface sediment caused by variouskinds of added ingredients, and thus  enhance productivity. It isespecially suitable for PVC rigid products processing. Besides, it can promotethe gelatinization of PVC resin, increase melt strength, improve processingproperty, enhance the mechanical properties, excellent dimensional stabilityand improve the surface quality.







White flowing powder

White flowing powder

Particle size,0.45mm (40 mesh passing  %)

 ≥98 % passing

 ≥98 % passing

Volatiles Content (%)



Intrinsic Viscosity (η)



Equivalent  Grade

General  ACR 401

ROHM  & HAAS K-125


1. Enhancemelt strength

2. Improveraw materials following properity

3. Improvethe product surface

4. Excellentof Product hardness

5. Improvestear strength in flexible PVC applications


ACR isdeveloped by our company is one general type of processing aids. It is usedspecially for tube stock, pipe fitting, and sectional materials. It can takeplace of American Rohm and Haas K-125.


Package and safety:

Non toxic product.

25kg by plastic weavedbag.

Keep in  dryand ventilated warehouse, valid period is 1 years.


Adding Phr :

Normally Added 1.2-1.5 phr in formula, but it is should accroding toProduct making confirm the adding rate.

Other applications:

PVC Pipefitting, PVC Compound, WPC Panel,SPC Floor